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VPS Reseller Hosting

VPS Reseller Hosting

VPS Reseller hosting solutions

You can resell domain names with Virtual Private Server packages if you become a member of the Free Resellers Hosting Program. The Free Resellers Program functions as follows: when a customer buys a service from your reseller hosting website, you take the amount of money remaining after the deduction of the wholesale price from the retail price. This means that you do not have to buy services and resell them later (contrary to the cPanel Hosting Reseller). Thus, you take minimal to no financial risk (you may want to register a domain name for your reseller website in order to realize better results with the marketing). ResellersPanel provides three Virtual Private Server packages – Base VPS, Regular VPS and Ultra VPS . The retail prices shown on your reseller website depend on you – they are entirely your choice.

The Free Resellers Program includes free hosting for your reseller domain name and free turn-key templates so you do not have to bother with web design stuff.

The Virtual Private Server (aka as VPS) is a sort of professional hosting package which provides “root” access, just like the Dedicated Servers, but the price is much lower. Hence, the VPSs are more suitable for experienced web designers and webmasters who need limited resources. Your clients will be able to choose the Operating system (Debian, Ubuntu or CentOs) as well as their control panel (cPanel or Direct Admin).

Each VPS package includes a domain reseller account which on its own is worth 500.00 USD and the Ultra VPS also includes a billing software called ClientExec which can be used to bill customers if you decided to use a VPS for reseller hosting itself.

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Web Hosting Service

Running a website these days is essential when it comes to publicizing opinions, promoting a new business or just staying up to date with the current tendencies. Since e-mails have substituted paper letters a long time ago and people search for pretty much everything on the World Wide Web, it is a wise idea to build an online portal where everybody can find out about you or your business - this is a way to get closer to them, to show them what you think or what you provide. Let us take a gaze at what you demand in order to make a web site and the different web hosting service that enable you to accomplish that.

Virtual Private Servers

There is no wonder that so many people have started creating their own feature-rich web portals making use of charge-free web apps that are easy enough to use even for inexperienced customers. And thanks to all the charge-free web site themes that are available on the web, quite many websites are being built, which need a website hosting service like the Virtual Private Server web hosting one.

Web Hosting

As its name suggests, website hosting is a solution, which entails hosting web content. There are various forms and types of hosting, depending on the aims and on the objectives. However, they all entail hosting files, which, once hosted, are made available throughout the Web. A web host is in fact a web hosting service that is connected to the Internet and has its own personal IP address, which allows people to access it via the Web. The server's architecture and its limitations are subject to the kind of web hosting solution it will be used for.


The VPS web servers are administered through a virtualization console where customers can watch all running processes and terminate or reboot them, update server-side software, observe the used up and the remaining resources, and much more. OpenVZ, Virtuozzo, Virtual PC and VMware are just several instances of software programs utilized for creating and handling VPS plans. They involve various requirements concerning the CPU architecture, the Operating Systems they are compatible with, and so on. For example, Virtuozzo can operate on machines with x86 or AMD64 processors, can be installed on a web server running both Windows and Linux OSs, and allows both of these OSs to be installed on the actual virtual servers.